Desert to Pavement

Lots of riding going on this week. My new job schedule (part time hours) currently leaves me four days off in a row which allows for lots of riding time and exploring. So, lets start at the beginning.

Last week we had some visitors from Warmshowers. Rob and  Devon spent two days with us and we were thrilled to have two traveling cyclists! they were wonderful guests and it feels great to be able to give back some of the excellent hospitality we experienced on our tour. You can check out their travels at

Bros on Bikes in Santa Fe

Earlier this week I took a ride that began on the paved bike path near our house. A mile out of town the path turns into sandy hard pack and offered enough steep ups and downs that I was soon lamenting my smooth, treadless tires on the climbs.


After another two miles it turned into a winding double track. I met a women in her 70’s who was visiting from Cooperstown, NY. She was on a sweet twenty-niner and looked to be holding her own even though we’d just come down a steep ravine that had been washed out from the storms last week. Need I say I was impressed? Eventually the trail turned into a hilly single track. It was fun doing some technical riding but also hot and I’d already finished off one bottle of water and wasn’t sure how far this path went. After about five miles it dwindled into a sandy rut that was not rideable…at least not for me on the touring bike. That’s when I stopped riding and started looking for a way back to a smoother riding surface. Crossing the railroad tracks I ended up on a paved road and took a left into Eldorado. From there it was smooth sailing home on New Mexico bicycle route 9.







Today Four of us took a ride on route 14 going south out of Santa Fe. Lovely shoulders to ride on with long, rolling hills. Would make for a some good touring but that will have to come a bit later when the weather cools off a bit. Here’s some pics of the ride.








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