Post Bicycle Tour Travels

We had hoped to get as far as Fayetteville, AR on our bicycles. Since that didn’t work out we decided to drive the rest of the way there and continue our tour of the mid-west by car.

We spent a week with Hannah’s aunt and uncle in Fayetteville and truly enjoyed relaxing in their beautiful garden and riding the local bike paths.





hannah and aunt on fayetteville bike path

fayetteville bike path

From Fayetteville we drove to Kansas City, MO and spent a night with Hannah’s brother and his wife. They gave us a tour of the Plaza area which had some interesting buildings and tile work.


kansas city plaza tiling

I found these two scooters there as well!

buddy and lambretta scooters

They were expecting a new baby at the time and Hannah missed the arrival of her niece by about 8 days!


After Kansas City we drive on to Omaha, NE (Hannah’s home town) and visited with her parents. We took a short ride to Lincoln, NE for a few days to see Hannah’s sister and two sets of aunts and uncles as well. On the ride to Lincoln we passed these trucks carrying wind mill blades.

wind mill blade

We got a lovely tour of downtown Lincoln including a trip to the state capital. The mosaic tile art work inside was pretty spectacular and much more interesting than the PA capital building, in my opinion.





Lincoln has some pretty impressive bike infrastructure to boot and I couldn’t help but take some shots of a few beauties in a bike rack where we had lunch.

MASI commuter

surly LHT

later that week we drove to Rochester Minnesota to stay with Hannah’s sister (who was at the Mayo Clinic) and her parents. Here’s a shot of downtown Rochester from the 17th floor.


Days later when they traveled back to Nebraska, we headed east for the long drive back to Lancaster, PA where we stayed with old friends and checked on our remaining goods in the storage unit.


Eventually we drove to my home area near Wellsboro, PA and spent a few weeks with my family and friends before our big move out to Santa Fe, NM. While there we participated in a fundraiser I created called the Rail Trail Relay Rally where folks donate money to bike in the PA Grand Canyon or hike and cross Pine Creek.




After saying our goodbyes we drove back to Lancaster and packed the moving truck we rented, (a very long, hot, humid day…) shared dinner with friends at our favorite local pub one more time and then headed west…for DAYS! We actually drove a good bit of the same route we used on our bike tour, especially across Tennessee. So….I’ve now traveled the  long way across Tennessee twice in the last two months. The first time I was pushed around by big pick-up trucks and the second time I was driving a truck that made those big pick-ups seem like ants. Revenge can be sweet when no one gets hurt.

I drove the 24 foot long moving truck loaded with our belongings, which included 12 bicycles and the two scooters, while Hannah drove her car full of our collection of plants (many cacti who will LOVE our new home)  and other fragile things.


These folks were also moving…but I think the rain coming was going to get the better of them.


The trip was long but not too long. It gave us ample time to reflect on our travels over the past 3 months and allowed us to slowly get used to the higher altitude are now living at.  The landscape from western Oklahoma to eastern New Mexico was surprisingly beautiful and I have a ton of ideas for new paintings once I get my studio space set up!





As we neared New Mexico and Santa Fe we were ready to be done traveling.





I was ready to be done driving a huge truck and we we jumpy to see our new home and my sister who moved out here a month earlier. I immediately loved the scenery, the smell of the desert, the house my sister had rented for the three of us to share…everything was great except we both felt sort of woozy and tired. We spent the rest of that day drinking a lot of water and taking it easy. Over the next few days we unloaded the truck, unpacked our stuff and started to settle into our new space.








Tomorrow we get on our bicycles and head into the center of Santa Fe for the farmers market and to explore the downtown area a bit more. Job searching has commenced and hopefully we both find something we like soon. If not, I hope I find something, even if I don’t like it. Having not worked since December 2012, cash is finally running low and we need a way to fund our next bicycle adventure!


8 thoughts on “Post Bicycle Tour Travels

  1. your new apartment with Hannah & Katie is beautiful and so are your photos (love the buggy eyed Boston in NE photo!). Glad you’ve arrived safely, please keep me updated. the Southwest is one of my favorite spaces in the States–enjoy!

  2. Great pictures. ( I wondered what you did in the interim time.) I stole one for my FB album. I thought the sofa would be better between the sconces. The plants also look very happy. Hope settle now and stay put for a while, at least until we come to visit and then we can explore.

  3. What a wonderful adventure you’ve had and continue to have. Thank you for including me! Don’t forget to let us know when you someday hit SoCal.

  4. So glad I got to see you guys, if only for a moment, at the RTRR. Good luck in Santa Fe! Now you can blog about your life out west!

  5. I enjoyed reading your blog. James and I rode our bikes from San Fran, CA to Portland, OR. We planned to go to Astoria but ran out of time. I recommend you ride Hwy 1/101 for one of your future bike tours. The state parks are spaced so it is easy to get a spot and it only costs $5 per person if you are touring. I created a blog (I still have to write about the last day). Here is the link:

    • Thanks for reading and thanks for the recommendation for a future ride! We most certainly hope to do some more touring on the west coast while we are living here.


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