The End of the Road…

Hello all!

We just wanted to let everyone know we are currently done riding. We had to make a decision to end the trip about 2 weeks ago. It was a tough decision to make since neither of us feel like we are done riding our bikes around but there were plenty of factors (severe weather on a daily basis, a serious family medical condition, finances and a cross country move, etc) that had to be weighed and we decided the best option was to call the trip finished in Missouri.

bicycles on overpass in Missouri

We will finish posting each day of the trip on this blog so you can follow it to the end and we still have a ton of great pictures to post! We will be heading back to PA later this week and moving out to Santa Fe, NM in July. Once we’ve established ourselves in Santa Fe we’ll start blogging again about daily rides, commuting by bike in Santa Fe and hope to be exploring the southwest by bicycle or scooter as often as possible. I also hope to record some more complete thoughts on bicycle travel in the US now that I have more time to reflect and write.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this trip possible and helped us along the way! We can’t express how much we appreciate having met each of you and even though this trip was intended to be about bicycling, in the end it’s true strength was about the people we met along the way. I hope we are able to reconnect with all of you at some point and we look forward to getting together with those of you we didn’t see on this trip.



5 thoughts on “The End of the Road…

  1. I’m sorry to hear this,my friend. Wishign a speedy recovery to they family member who has whatever illness,and you guys a safe journey home. Looking forward to reading the rest of the trip’s posts,and if you guys ever ride past my home-area again,lets get hold of one another before y’all pass through and my family will have hot showers,some home cooking (even if only burgers and hotdogs,LOL),and at least a level spot to pitch your tent 🙂

    The DC

  2. tough decision to make, glad you ladies are both ok; i’ve really enjoyed reading all about your travels and living vicariously through your adventures! i will enjoy reading the future posts, and look forward to hearing more once you and Hannah are settled in NM! much love, janine

  3. Sad to leave the road. But what a ride it was! And perhaps you can finish it from Santa Fe east and then west at different times. The folks who do the AT in sections still complete the trail. Looking forward to both your thoughts and reminiscences of the trip.

  4. We’re sorry you won’t be moving to the Valley, but lucky Santa Fe! We’ll hope to visit you out there; please stay in touch. We’re really glad to have met you two.

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