Day 49 Cookeville, TN to Carthage, TN

Again, we watched the weather in the morning to see what might be in store for us in the afternoon. More storms were in the forecast but at this point they were tapering off and the next few days would be clear again. We decided to head to Carthage, TN which is about a 30 mile ride. This would get us into a town with coverage from high wind and hail by early afternoon, should another strong storm pass through the region.

Most of the days ride was gradually downhill and once again we would spend most of the 30 miles on Route 70.

70W in TN


We passed through the small town of Baxter which is mostly what you see in this photo. There was a public restroom inside a renovated train station, much to our relief.

Baxter TN

A good portion of the days ride was also stressful as the sky remained stormy in appearance and clouds continued to build through the morning. We didn’t take many breaks for this reason but I had to grab a quick shot of this historic marker of the last stagecoach hold up!

last stagecoach hold up sign

riding to Carthage TN

Route 96 in TN

entering Carthage TN

Once we arrived in Carthage we stopped at the first soda machine we saw for a Coke and then rode up the street to the local police station and asked about the weather forecast for the afternoon and places to camp/stay the night in the area. The women working the main office was very friendly and helpful. There was no mention of camping but there was a Budget Inn and she called for pricing, etc. After some general chit chat and directions we headed to Main street to see a bit of the town.

Al Gore grew up in Carthage, TN and we found this store on the Main drag. I think it had closed but the front window sign still remains.


We had passed the Gore family farm and the house he grew up in earlier in the day before we rode into town. I didn’t take a picture since it looked just like every other house in the area and wasn’t that interesting.

From there we wandered along to a Sonic and bought huge shakes. I had Strawberry Banana and Hannah had Mocha with Caramel. They were quite good but I think outside of riding I might avoid this sort of thing and think it too sweet, too heavy and too big.

Sonic shake snack

Eventually we made our way to the other end of town and the Budget Inn, becoming our old standard at this point. We booked a room at $40 a night and spent the rest of the evening resting. We ate pretty poorly. There was no grocery store or simple restaurant to eat at so we ended up with McDonalds and gas station snacks. We definitely felt it the next day. Yuck.


One thought on “Day 49 Cookeville, TN to Carthage, TN

  1. Ugh, too bad about the food fare. I can relate to that feeling from doing rides in remote areas. You-all are doing awesome and dealing with whatever the weather hands you. Well done. Pedal on!

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