Day 46 – Oak Ridge TN to Harriman TN

This day did not go as expected. We were moving a bit slowly in the morning, and when Elizabeth went out to clean her bike off from the rain grime of the previous day, she discovered a flat rear tire on her bike. Up until this point, we’d not had any flats, but riding the dirty, narrow and wet shoulders on 25W into Oak Ridge (we believe) allowed Elizabeth to pick up some metal shavings which punctured the tubes and caused a slow leak.

changing  flat

So, Elizabeth changed the tire. According to Elizabeth, the only bonus of the rear flat was taking the time to clean her rear cassette while it was off the bike.

cleaned rear compenents

However, after she got the wheel back on and leaned the bike against a post–BANG! The tube exploded, bringing our hosts outside. The tire had to be removed, and I lent Elizabeth one of my tubes, since she hadn’t patched the first tube, and the second was split beyond repair.

As she worked on the second flat, I cleaned my chain and discovered a weak link which was pulling apart and could have caused the chain to snap while I was riding. I was really worried about continuing, but I was able to use a chain tool to at least put the thing back in line. Our hosts offered to drive us to a bike shop, but after searching online, no area shops were open on a Sunday, and we weren’t headed for any bike shops for at least three days. This news meant continuing anyway was probably the best option.

oak ridge bikeway

We had a nice 8 mile ride, when I saw an advancing line of clouds. The forecast hadn’t called for rain so early in the day, but these clouds looked serious. We posted a video of this storm earlier.

After waiting for the rain to subside, it was already afternoon, and we had only completed a very small segment of our planned ride. We knew this would make it difficult to reach our destination before dark, but we kept going.

riding in TN after a bad storm

Our “Da Brim” visors were definitely useful on these days.

da brim keeping rain off glasses

We rode past the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We passed through some scenic areas. We crossed the Emory River. We also got a bit confused when some area roads were confusingly labeled. I eventually interrupted a family barbecue on a back porch to ask what road I was on.

Worse, the long ride of the previous day had really taken its toll on my energy levels, and I was dragging. By 4 pm, we had only made it to Harriman. We still hadn’t been able to get anyone from the KOA where we were headed on the phone. And we still had to ride 10 miles before ascending the Cumberland plateau and riding a good distance to the campground. Also, there was a good chance of storms still, and with the noontime storm, we were skittish about being caught on the long stretches of empty road or even about weathering a hail storm in a tent.

So, we stopped in Harriman and got a motel room. We also went out for dinner, since we were so hungry. It was the right decision. When we got back from dinner, I noticed that I also had a flat rear tire. I had either picked up a piece of the day before and it slowly ground through the rubber, or I picked it up on one particular stretch of nasty should during the day’s ride. In either case, we entertained other hotel guests by working on our bikes in front of our room.

hannah changing a flat

greasy fingers


3 thoughts on “Day 46 – Oak Ridge TN to Harriman TN

  1. I HATE changing my rear wheel….. only happened to me once and I had to send pics via phone to Steve because I could not figure out how to get my tire back on my bike.

    • Yeah, having a flat on the rear tire is a bit more work. Since touring bikes are usually carrying most of their weight (including the rider) over the rear wheel they tend to get flats more than the front. Prior to this trip I had a couple of rear flats while commuting and after I had changed it our on four different occasions I got the process down pretty good and it really doesn’t take much more time to do the rear than the front now. It’s pretty hard to learn how to change out the rear flat unless you do it a lot. I recommend taking the rear wheel on and off about six times in a row (when it’s not flat) when have a day off just to get the process down.

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