Day 41 – Warrior’s Path SP to Church Hill, TN

Fortunately we had a relatively short day of riding after Elizabeth’s night of raccoon patrol.

Once we got packed up, we had a short (though hilly) ride into Kingsport, TN. Our plan was to spend a good portion of the day in town, enjoying being in a town. For us, this included eating.

bagel exchange in Kingsport

Then, after the Bagel Exchange closed, we spent some time in the park next to the library.

Surly LHT Kingsport VA

A local had told us that our planned route out of town was a busy four lane highway and suggested an alternate route along Netherland Inn Road, a scenic two lane road. We probably would have been better off on 11W, since Netherland Inn Road was highly trafficked during rush hour, and the road had no shoulder. It was actually kind of stressful. We stopped near the final bridge to wait until traffic slowed.

We waited until after 6 pm, when it was somewhat more calm, though still busy. Then we returned to highway 11, which we’ve been riding or paralleling since our descent from Massanutten Mountain. On this section of 11W, the shoulders are ample with a designated bike lane.

11W bike lane

After that, we only had about 10 miles to ride to a relatively cheap motel in Church Hill. We arrived, got a room, and went out for Mexican food.

mexican food

Since entering Tennessee, we’ve noticed that all beverages are served in large cups. Here is a picture of a small large cup.

Giant drinks


One thought on “Day 41 – Warrior’s Path SP to Church Hill, TN

  1. Ahhh,11W,so you didn’t ride by Viking Hall down Volunteer Parkway afterall. You DID however ride right past where my wife works at US Solutions (just behind the KFC you past by the Dodge/Jeep place and KMart which all would have been on your left). There’s a little place in Kingsport just a couple of miles after coming into town,past the first few major intersections,just past the Waffle House and McDonalds,called Purple Cow (would have been on your right),a local owned place (been there for YEARS*),if you ever find yourself there again,please stop in and order yourself a large Purple Cow shake! I’m not normally one for milkshakes,and I’m not sure of all the flavors they mix in there to get the purple color and flavor,but O…M…GOSH they are GOOD!

    Apologies again for not having communicated earlier in your trip,I feel horrible that we didn’t get together and shown you some hospitatlity,my friends. When you come back through (making the assumption),please let me know a few days ahead of time…at the very least,some hotdogs,showers,laundry and fellowship awaits.

    The DC

    *way back when,even before our 16 year old daughter came along,we lived over next to Grundy,VA (close to my hometown,and Grundy IS my wife’s hometown),some 2+ hours away by car. I can’t remember for the life of me how we discovered Purple Cow,but every week,we’d drive all that way JUST for a purple shake,LOL! 😛

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