Stormy Update from the Road

Today we were in the Oak Ridge, TN area and made it about seven miles before we spotted some dark storm clouds. Hannah decided we should pull over at a gas station and wait it out. I was a bit skeptical of stopping but am so very glad we did. The storm was pretty fierce and I shot two video clips of it. You’ll have to ignore my rambling narration…I’ve spent most of my life in the Northeast and we don’t see storms like this one too often. Note that this took place around noon but the sky was so dark it seemed more like 8pm.

Here’s a picture of some of the hail that fell. Some of it was a pretty good size and left dents in car hoods. Today I learned that it doesn’t matter if you’re under a roof if the rain is coming down sideways.

TN hail


6 thoughts on “Stormy Update from the Road

  1. I was watching the news tonight with live shots of tornadoes in Kansas , Oklahoma and Iowa. I do not want to think about you two out there in that kind of weather. DO whatever Hannah says.

  2. We’ve been getting lots of these storms the last month or so,I’m glad you guyfound a safe place,and I’m so sorry I misse dyou as you rolled through my area =/

    The DC

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