Days 33 and 34 – Rainy ride to Blue Ridge, VA

On Monday, we went to Lexington for breakfast. Then we packed up, put on our rain gear, and said goodbye to Katie and her dog Ally.

Hannah and Elizabeth VA motel

preparing to ride in the rain, VA

The forecast was for rain, and rain it did. It rained all day, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot.

bicycle route 76 rain

rainy day pit stop in VA

It was still a pretty ride, and some of the back roads were quite beautiful, especially US bicycle route 76 through Lithia. Here’s a look at one of our rest stops.

At one point we came across this baby opossum who also looked rather wet.

baby opposum

We also ran into another long distance touring cyclist. Just before we left the main road, we ran into Theron, who was biking from Austin TX. We were the first cyclists he’d seen, and he was the first cross country cyclist we’d met along the way. He was also completely soaked.

Austin Texas Cyclist

Our hosts for the evening lived about 5 miles off the main road, up the slopes toward the Blue Ridge Parkway. The ride there was fairly difficult for us, especially with the added weight of wet…everything. We pulled the rain covers off our bags and discovered that they’d soaked through and were actually holding water.

But we made it, and had a wonderful stay with the Yarbroughs. We had a spaghetti dinner and a dry room to sleep in.

We had planned to ride the next day as well, but we woke up, and looked out the window to sheets of rain. And when we heard thunder too, we knew there wasn’t much to look forward to. When we went upstairs, Angela was sitting there with coffee and breakfast and let us know that we were welcome to stay another night. So we did sit out the day, and it did pour consistently until about 4 pm.

Instead of riding, we played a long game of Talisman.

Talisman boardgame

And I was able to upload some photos while Elizabeth played a game of Magic the Gathering with Caleb and Tessa.

The whole family is planning a cycling trip around Europe for June–way cool.

angela tessa and hannah


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