Day 30 Lexington, VA to Plank Road, VA

We spent last night with a Warmshowers host near Lexington, VA who graciously opened up their home to us even though they were away for work. It was a relaxing night and we got a good night’s sleep. After a good nights sleep we rode the 4 miles or so into town and were immediately side tracked by a cafe called “Sweet Treats Bakery”.

Sweet Treats and bikes in lexington VA

We locked the bikes up outside the front window and went about ordering something to eat. The folks who run this place were friendly and the food was top notch!

Sweet Treats Bakery

I had a hamburger, one of the best I’ve had since I left Mount Joy, PA (which has a really excellent burger) and Hannah had a veggie burger. We followed them up with a chocolate & caramel brownie and a piece of red velvet cake, both made in house. Delicious!

We finally left around 2pm and wandered into the local outfitter where we met a local named Russ who offered his yard for camping. We made introductions and a mental note of his address and made plans to ride to his house later. From there we went to the public library and caught up on this blog, email, etc. and checked out the route to Russ’s place. The library was quite nice, as you can see from this picture.

Lexington VA library

Around 5pm we finally decided we’d better ride the 15 miles to Russ’s before it started to get dark.

bicycle route 76 Pake C'mute

It was a beautiful ride along bicycle route 76.


When we arrived at Russ’s he was sitting outside by a fire under some huge cedar trees. We picked out a spot for the tent nearby and then Russ lead us on a short walk to a wooded spot where he thought some morel mushrooms might be found. Indeed we found some, picked them and took them back to his place for dinner. He has converted an old school house into his living space. Charming and simple and just right.

Russ and Hannah

Morel mushrooms

The mushrooms were delicious!

Russ is quite the accomplished musician and we were soon sharing stories and music till after dark. Alas, at some point bicyclists get tired and we made our way to our tent for the night. But first, I took the most wonderful, outdoor shower! A cool breeze blowing, steamy, hot water and a wonderfully thick bar of locally made soap with the stars overhead. What more can you ask for!


6 thoughts on “Day 30 Lexington, VA to Plank Road, VA

  1. Something wacky about the date/ time stamp on these posts! Coming up as 5/11 already but only hours earlier on 5/10.

    • We have been going back and editing some of the posts as we realize we missed photos or videos we meant to add. I think the strange publish dates are reflecting the updates we’ve been making.

  2. It made me smile reading this knowing there’re still nice, trustworthy people in the world. I just love reading about all of your adventures! ❤

    • Hannah and I hosted a fellow from the UK last year on his route from California to NYC. After I had peppered him with questions all evening and asked if he had any riding wisdom he could pass on to me prior to my own ride. He said this. “If you have lost faith in human beings being good, go ride your bike across a country. The people you meet along the way will change your perspectives on mankind for the better” This fellow had been all around the world and I’ve only done about 1,000 miles so far…but I can tell you he was right.

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