Day 28 – Harrisonburg VA to Staunton VA

We spent most of this day on route 11 S (Lee Highway) again. It was the same rolling terrain, but a little busier, with just enough shoulder and extra lanes that the ride was not too stressful.

We were both pretty tired all day, but still arrived in Staunton earlier than expected, so we rolled into the library to check email and work on the blog. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do much uploading of photos and didn’t make much progress, which is another reason anyone following at home is getting our updates a week late.

Maybe because most of the ride looked the same, or maybe because we were pretty tired, it doesn’t seem like either of us took any pictures of the ride.

We arrived at the home of our hosts Dan and Laura, who were great and super gung-ho about cycling. Elizabeth really enjoyed their cat Walter, who was super sweet but looks kind of like a grumpy old man. Dan made a great dinner and even showed us a bike he had set up with a retrodirect drive, and Laura told us about the area and local cycling highlights. They both regaled us with stories of RAGBRAI, and convinced us that attempting to join them would be a totally awesome idea if it works out. We really enjoyed staying with them and hope we can stay in touch.


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