Day 24 Harper’s Ferry, WV to Front Royal, VA

After breakfast at the hotel with my parents, they drove us back to Harper’s Ferry where our bikes were waiting at Pete’s house. We loaded up the bikes and wished Pete good luck on a race he was running that day, hugged my parents goodbye and pedaled deeper into West Virginia, our fifth state.

WV country road

Hannah hating the bugs

WV riding Surly LHT




The day’s ride was quite enjoyable: sunny weather with temperatures around 70 degrees. This would be our first day riding significant hills since we left PA and our legs were pretty tired but felt a bit stronger than the last time we’d encountered any elevation changes. We rolled along country roads with little to no traffic all morning. At one point we passed a couple on a tandem bike heading in the other direction. They waved and captured this picture of me as they went by.


They found our blog and sent the link to us. They were in the process of doing a century ride in the area! Cool!

We also had our first run in with a graveled road that was not so friendly for loaded touring bikes with narrow tires and little tread. It did make for more interesting riding though. We had lunch on this road and had to be careful not to sit in poison ivy which is out and about everywhere.

Lunch in WV

Eventually we wandered back into Virginia and the last 10 miles of the day were on route 340 south, which is a divided, four lane highway with no shoulders. Yeah, so no pictures of that since it was too harrowing to stop and take pictures. The saving grace was that there were two lanes going in our direction and traffic was able to stick to the left lane while we rode in the right lane. It was Sunday and the traffic level was low. I’m not sure how well this would have worked out had it been busier on a weekday. Perhaps we would’ve waited it out at “Dinosaur Land”, a tourist establishment we passed shorty after getting on 340 south. I don’t know about the dinosaur part but they did have ice cream!

So, despite some stress about the traffic and harder, longer climbs we finally arrived in Front Royal, VA and made it to our campground for the night. Nothing special for sure. Seemed like someone owned a field near the river and decided to let folks park RVs there and sometimes set up tents for $35.00 a night. It did include a bath house with a clean, hot shower, toilets and running water so we’re not complaining. Not the prettiest place we’ve stayed but it had what we needed.

campsite in Front Royal VA

campgrounds at Front Royal

I cooked a dinner of pasta with squash, yellow pepper and cheese and dumped a packed of tuna in mine. Not something I would eat at home but it tasted great after a long day’s ride. Hannah was feeling pretty wiped out and the black flies seem to like her best so she ate in the tent like this.

Hannah eating without the bugs


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