Springfield VA to C & O Canal Mile Post 38

After reaching my Aunt and Uncle’s near Springfield, VA we stayed with them for two days. It was wonderful to spend sometime with family and get some sleep and eat calories in us without burning them off right away. They made sure we were well fed and took us to some great restaurants. Thank you so much!

Liz with Aunt and Uncle

Fortunately, the Cross County Trail, a wooded and varied surface bike path, runs right behind their home. We started there and spent the first couple hours of the day taking a few wrong turns and ending up in lovely community parks. Again, it would be nice to have signs along these trails telling people where to go. Aside from that it was a beautiful sunny day and the mix of gravel path with bumpy dirt and muddy track made for some fun riding on a loaded touring bike. It made me want to go Mountain biking again.

CCT Springfield VA

hannah on CCT bridge VA

CCT Trail VA Hannah

CCT trail VA

Video of Hannah on the first creek crossing of the trip:

CCT water crossing

Eventually we made our way to another section of the Washington & Old Dominion Trail and enjoyed fast pedaling on a clean paved surface just for bikes, horses and people. We spoke with some other cyclists who were curious about where we were headed. They mentioned a pizza place in Leesburg, VA so we stopped at Fire Works Pizza and had a delicious dinner that we didn’t have to cook on a fire or in a small titanium pot.

WOD trail overpass VA

WOD trail near Reston VA

Fire Works Pizza

I have been wanting to take a ferry with my bike…I don’t know why but we got to take White’s Ferry across the Potomac River which placed us right at a junction for the C&O Canal towpath.

Hannah Whites Ferry VA

Whites Ferry Landing

Surly LHT on C&O canal

C&O canal

We did about 3 miles up the trail to a quite campsite and set up the tent as fast as possible to escape the swarm of black flies that greeted us with open arms… or should I say mouths. I don’t suppose this is the last we’ll see of them.


2 thoughts on “Springfield VA to C & O Canal Mile Post 38

  1. Hi Elizabeth and Hannah, I’m glad you had some good food and R&R while visiting Bob and Maryann. It certainly is green in Virginia! We’re inching closer to verdure here in the Northern Tier…We also have black flies! I went for a walk with the dogs this morning and was glad I had used some insect repellant. The pesky buggers!!

  2. The C&O (and GAP) is on my bucket-short-list to do in the next couple years with my (almost 11 year old) son 🙂 As always,awesome pics 😀

    The DC (or SS,take your pick 😛 )

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