Quick Update

Hi all! We’ve not had enough time with internet access to be able to post and where we do have access the signal has been too weak to upload photos and such. We’re currently in Staunton, VA and will update as soon as we can.

Thanks for following!


4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. I’ve ridden through there myself*,back in the 90’s! Enjoy your ride (it’s a bit hilly if I remember),beautiful country,looking forward to the next update 😀

    The DC

    *Back in my long haul trucking days when pulling flatbeds in and out of the ports,I always carried a bike with me in the truck 🙂

  2. Please go see the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and let me know if it is worth the visit. Also, remember to pronounce as “Stanton”, not the phonetic way the orthography would suggest.

    • Hi Eric! We didn’t have a chance to see the library…sorry. We have noticed that folks do not pronounce the name “Staunton” as it looks like it should be pronounced. Thanks for the heads up!

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