Day 16 and 17 Tuckahoe State Park to Annapolis

We woke up to rain on the tent. It was lovely and dry all night except for the 10 minutes before we wanted to pack up. We made the best of the damp morning and finished our breakfast and packing chores as quickly as we could. We set off for The Bay Bridge around 9am. the day was damp yet quite warm and the blustery wind was agonizing to pedal into. Being only 10 miles from our afternoon destination we found ourselves at Chesapeake College around noon. This was our meeting point where we would get a lift across the Bay Bridge as you cannot ride a bike on it, nor would you want to.

L and H at Mike and Marcia's

Aunt Marcia, who lives in Annapolis, MD, soon found us and helped to load our bikes and bags into the van. From there we headed to her house and spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching the man hunt in Boston on the TV. We were also watching the weather from time to time as a large storm moved in with high winds and heavy rain. It was nice to know we wouldn’t have to ride or camp in that kind of weather…at least not yet.

When Uncle Mike arrived home from work we all hopped in the car and headed into downtown Annapolis for a wonderful dinner at a great Italian place. Coincidentally, Marcia and I share the same birthday, April the 19th, and we celebrated with dinner and then Mike gave us a great tour of the downtown area. When we arrived home I was not feeling well (too much pizza without the right amount of lactase pills…) and Mike and Hannah headed back to the drugstore for some Lactaid pills that saved me from a miserable night. Thank you!

The next day we took a rest day, caught up on some reading and Mike graciously ran us to Target and a bike shop. Hannah picked up a pair of padded shorts and a cycling jersey as she has not been the most comfortable in some of her current riding clothes. The shop had a lot of racing bikes and it was odd looking them over as they are about as opposite from a touring bike as you can get while still being a bike. It seemed strange to me to spend so much money on something that is not able to carry things on it but then, this would be the thought of someone who has replaced their car with a bike. Either way they were still beautiful in their design and the technology was impressive.

That night we ate spaghetti and continued the birthday celebration with a dessert of cupcakes with ice cream inside them. Yum! We soon headed off to bed for another good nights sleep–after prepping our gear to leave in the morning. Mike and Marcia were wonderful hosts and it was great to have a chance to visit with them. Thank you so much for having us and for the ride across the bay!

Mike and Marcia


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