Day 14 Frontier Town to Trap Pond State Park

Frontier Town

our camp site at Frontier Town camp ground

On day 13, we decided to take a (free) extra rest day at Frontier Town. It gave us a chance to have our gear dry out, put some extra calories in our bodies, and recharge our batteries (literally).

warm hands, Icebreaker shirt

The next morning we set off for Trap Pond State Park. This would be our last night in Delaware. At this point we stayed at every State Park except the one near the Indian River Beach. Each park was wonderfully maintained and quite affordable. We highly recommend them to anyone who is traveling in that state.

The day’s ride to Trap Pond took us on some beautiful (and luckily paved) country roads.

Cycling Deleware

trees in bloom

overgrown house

Here’s a video of the nicest section.

Before we arrived at our destination for the evening we passed a road with one of the most entertaining road names I’ve ever seen. “Peanut Tingle Road”. I’m not sure how it got it’s name but I’d like to know.

We arrived at Trap Pond around 4pm and settled into our campsite for a delicious dinner of pasta with zucchini, onions and green peppers with red sauce topped with cheese.

Campfire pasta

It was our first, fully cooked, campfire meal and it was worth the extra 15 minutes it took to boil the water and saute the veggies on the fire. We usually cook in a single pot on a small canister stove designed for backpacking but in an effort to conserve fuel we’ve decided to try to do more cooking on a fire if wood and time make it possible. For example, we recently tried to cook eggs in the fire by tapping a small hole in the shell and then tucking them into warm coals for about 10 minutes. One of them turned out great and the others burst…so I guess we’ll need to work on determining which coals are too hot and which are just right.

Cooking eggs

Trap Pond State Park Bicycle Camping in DE

Trap Pond State Park DE

So, while we were eating dinner we noticed two other cyclists riding past our campsite to one of the sites next to us. We stopped by for a visit after dinner. They were from Maine and had driven down to Cape May and took the ferry to Lewes to do a two week trip around Delaware while they had some time off. One of them is a very experienced rider who has done multiple cross country trips while his companion was new to bike touring. They are preparing for a year long trip around the US in 2014. It was nice to hear of their plans and get some tips from a more experienced rider. These are the first touring cyclists we’ve seen so far.

We highly recommend Delaware for bicycle touring especially if you are new to this type of travel or are looking for a very enjoyable and relaxing ride for a week or two. The roads are flat and there are plenty of bike lanes and/or huge paved shoulders that are in good shape for pedaling. Delaware also has a bicycle travel map that shows cyclists the locations of bike shops and camp sites and labels the best roads to ride on.


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