Day 11 – Cape Henlopen, DE to Assateague State Park, MD

On Sunday, our friends packed up, and we packed up too. Our initial plan was to reach Fenwick Island State Park. However, we made great time down the coast and over the Indian River Inlet.

crossing the Indian River inlet

We stopped at Bethany for lunch, ice cream, phone calls, and photos on the boardwalk in front of the Atlantic Ocean.

Bethany beach boardwalk

After lunch, we had only about 6-8 miles until Fenwick, so we decided to try for our next stop, which was Assateague State Park.

Fenwick Island

It was sad to leave Delaware, since we were without our cycling conditions map, and all the nice shoulders and bike lanes went away. We’d heard that we should avoid the Ocean City area on bicycles due to restricted bridge crossings, so we also returned inland and still made fairly decent time heading south on 113 into Berlin, where we stopped at Food Lion for supplies.

The last 10 so miles from Berlin to the Assateague was difficult. The wind had picked up, or maybe it just felt like it had. In any case, my legs were out of fuel, and neither granola bars nor Cliff Shots were producing improved results.
But crossing over the Sinepuxent Bay to Assateague was still mighty nice!

crossing Sinepuxent Bay

We picked a campsite on the Bay side of the island with a view of the water. We were disappointed that the showers were still closed for the season (though some opened the next day…), we minded the alarmist signs about securing food and avoiding horses, and we cooked a quick dinner.

Assateague State Park - wild horses

As we were digging in, a kid ran up to us and offered us Oreo cookies! Apparently he and his dad camp a lot and have fed hungry cycle tourist in the past. (They also gave us bread and eggs in the morning).

After eating our Bombay potatoes, rice, and oreos, we completely crashed.

Day’s distance: 60 miles
Trip distance: 316 miles


2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Cape Henlopen, DE to Assateague State Park, MD

  1. 60 miles in one day! Awesome job,my friends! I’ve only ever surpassed that mileage in one day once ever (I rode the Virginia Creeper trail from Abingdon to White Top and back last Summer),so I can imagine how you must have felt accomplishing it with loaded bikes and gear,and Oreo prize for dessert,perfect ending I would say 😀

    The DC

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