Days 9 and 10 at Cape Henlopen

Because we moved out of our apartment, and because March was a colder, wetter month than was typical, we didn’t do much training on our bicycles for this trip. Even the weekend test ride we had talked about was put off. We ultimately decided that our first week or so would be our training and test ride, and if riding our bikes wasn’t working out by the time we met our friends at Cape Henlopen, we’d beg them for a ride back to Lancaster. So, when we got to Cape Henlopen early, we felt like we had met our first goal.

We didn’t do any riding on Friday, since it misted and rained all morning. Instead, we read and napped and did laundry. In the afternoon, we ate and built a fire, and our friends started arriving at around 5 pm.


We begged Ana to take us to the grocery store, and we had a wonderful and awesome time picking out food without having to worry much about size or weight.

It was great to see people, and to be social, enjoy company, and eat a variety of food items that are impractical for the two of us and our small stove and pot.
Cape Henlopen

On Saturday, we biked back into Lewes to use the public library and to update our blog.

Lewes, DE

Lewes was having a tulip festival, and it was busy, sunny, and colorful downtown.

Lewes, DE

I also took a short hike with a few others.


Then, Elizabeth got to borrow a guitar, and I went out for a beer at the Dogfish Head brew pub in Rehoboth.


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