Day 5 Elk Neck State Park, MD to Lums Pond State Park, DE

I guess most folks don’t head out camping in April and they probably don’t camp on weekdays either. This has made for some empty campgrounds that have been beautifully quiet and clean and you never have to wait for a shower or bathroom either. Having an entire campground to yourself is pretty darn nice.

elk neck campsite

We woke for an early start since we knew the first 6 miles of road would included the steep climbs we dealt with at the end of the prior day on the only road leading to the park and back out to the town or North East, MD. With a good nights rest and a breakfast of oatmeal and hard boiled eggs we tackled the climbs from yesterday that seemed so difficult in no time flat. After the climbs we rode the remaining 5 miles back to North East and stopped for lunch at a local grocery, where we watched a lot of local characters interact.

We had checked in with one of the rangers at Elk Neck earlier to make sure we had good directions to Lums Pond State Park in DE (the goal for the day) and we were soon on the suggested MD route 40 and cruising along.

At the start of this trip I would not have guessed that large roads with faster speed limits would be one of my preferences…but they are. These roads have huge shoulders that are well kept and while traffic does move fast, they have their own lanes and we have ours. It’s loud and a bit dustier but I feel safe riding them compared to windy roads with no shoulders full of cars and trucks pulling trailers going over the posted 35 MPH speed limits. The other nice thing about larger roads is the frequency of restaurants, drug stores, grocery stores, etc. It has been nice to be able to quickly grab perishable foods, like fruit and cheeses, or sun screen and a knee brace when it was needed instead of having to ride for miles hoping to pass by supplies or have to ride out of the way for them.

lums pond campsite

lums pond campsite

We made good time on route 40 and arrived at Lums Pond around 3:30pm. It was great to have our pick of the campsites and also to have some free time while it was light out to set up the tent, do some laundry and take showers. Lums Pond had some of the best showers we’ve encountered at a state park thus far.

Our camp site, Lums Pond State Park

surly lht

We were also in for a treat as our friend Pia from Philadelphia drove down to meet us and took us to dinner in Newark. We ate at the wonderfully delicious “Ali Baba”, an Afgan restaurant, and were pleasantly full of lentil soups, pita, hummus and some of the best felafel I’ve ever had! After dinner, Pia drove us to a grocery store where we picked up some food for the next day. Arriving back at the campground it was dark but also serenely quiet, and after saying good bye to Pia we settled into a tent for a good nights rest.


3 thoughts on “Day 5 Elk Neck State Park, MD to Lums Pond State Park, DE

  1. Love following along with you. I need to get some more bike time in so I can keep up with you two when I (hopefully) meet up with you!

  2. Love hearing about your little adventures! When I lived in DE I use to hike Lums Pond all the time, it is one of my favorite for hiking trails. Your post brings back good memories…Thank you!

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