Rest Day Repairs (for bikes and bodies)

I suppose it’s ridiculous to assume you will ride a bicycle across the country and never have to do any maintenance or replace any parts…but one can hope.

We have taken the day off, after an exhausting first day ride, and are staying with Terry and Louise, who have been the most amazing hosts so far! They are also family and it was the best feeling to see them at the end of a long hard day. We’ve been eating delicious food and as soon as I finish this post I’ll be hoping into the hot tub with a cold glass of cider and looking forward to a dinner of homemade chili! What more can a bicycle traveler ask for? Um…probably no rain or wind but food and a hot bath are pretty awesome.

Aside from a day of eating and sleeping, we also took a trip into Westminster to visit a  local bike shop called “White’s Bicycles”.The service was extremely friendly and helpful and they were able to take a look at Hannah’s bike, make some adjustments and have it ready shortly after we finished having lunch. Aside from the great service there was also a wonderful collection of used bikes and vintage bikes which kept us pleasantly occupied while we waited.

Interior of Whites Bicycles

Interior of White’s Bicycles

We can only hope to run across other local bike shops as helpful and experienced as Whites and if every host family we stay with is half as wonderful as Terry and Louise have been, we’ll be set.


2 thoughts on “Rest Day Repairs (for bikes and bodies)

  1. This being a rest day after only one day…sound like a wise decision to me,especially soaking and soaking up some home-made chili 😀

    I only recently discovered your blog,it seems like a great time to have done so,I have great interest in doing some touring myself (hopefully with my son),and am a green novice at it,I’m enjoying reading up to date on this trip,and wish you many miles of smiles,my friend 🙂


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