It’s spring!

Since the weather took a turn for the better this weekend, we hauled our bikes down the stairs and loaded our gear on them to take them for a spin.


Elizabeth was convinced that there was something wrong with how she had packed her panniers, so she unpacked them and repacked them twice before we switched bikes so she could compare.


It turns out mine had the same “problem”: they handle very differently with so much weight on the racks!



5 thoughts on “It’s spring!

    • Yes. We normally wear helmets. If we are on roads where there is no traffic (not sure where those are but we hope we find some) or in this case, a large parking lot, we might not wear them. We will most certainly be wearing helmets for this trip! Good question!

    • Less than 50lbs??? But maybe close to 50 lbs? We don’t have the food yet so we tried to add a couple of cans of beans to simulate what our food might weigh. I’m also not done stripping stuff out of my load and now that we’ve tried it out I’m all the more certain to be doing that.

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