Selling Off the Last Four Years of our Lives

I’ve been slowly packing away our things in hopes that the job of packing away everything we are keeping isn’t so overwhelming when it finally comes time to clear out the apartment. We’ve been trying to sell off as much as possible and find good homes for other items before we start making trips to the local Goodwill.

The biggest amount of work and some of the hardest decisions to make have been selling off most of Hannah’s vintage bicycle collection (at least the bikes we have stored locally) and while it was hard to part with a few of them and we were happy to see others go, it has been a fun experience meeting other bicycle collectors who have been stopping in to purchase (and sometimes just to look) at what we have.DSC01615 For example, this lovely Pre-war Rollfast that is ready for a ride as soon as the sun comes out. This one we’ve decided to keep.

I finally had to part ways with a long term project on an old Schwinn Black Phantom that was not really recognizable when It came to me. It has since been sand blasted and given an antique white powder coating of fresh paint. Newer rims and tires were added but laced to the old 3-speed hub. It was time to admit that having accomplished only that in the past four years of intending to work on it meant it needed to go to a new home. A buyer from Delaware was happy to pick it up and give it a new home, with a complete Frankenstein restoration, in his collection.

So, as bikes are cleared out of the storage unit we make space for some other things we don’t care to part with just yet. Hannah has been working on packing away her large collection of books and I’m working on finding new surroundings for most of our packing

The apartment is so spacious without the dinning room table and some part of me is now wishing we had sold it off earlier as it left behind a great space for yoga or current bicycle projects. It is also our main space for packing and organizing at the moment is is always a mess.

missing furniture


One thought on “Selling Off the Last Four Years of our Lives

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to projects….we own property in another state (used to live there,but the house burned in ’11,the sheds and such still stand),the sheds there are filled with vintage lightweights that I want to rebuild “someday”,LOL! Beautiful Rollfast you have,BTW 🙂

    The DC

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