Possible Route Planning

Part of the planning for this trip has included the “we’re not planning too much” realm of thought. It seems half of the bicycle travelers we’ve met use this same thought process and the other half have everything planned to the gills! Since we want to go everywhere and see everything and visit all of our friends and family and make as many new friends as possible, we have reason to wander to every region of the USA. As time is flying past us and we realize it’s only five weeks until we start this ride, we’ve decided that we should probably have some sort of goal in mind, at least for the first month or two. After studying the eastern half of the USA (and only that parts of it that are likely to be warming up in April (so…no New England yet) we’ve decided to head to Delaware and meet some friends who are going to be camping at Cape Henlopen State Park at the beginning of April. This gives us a five to seven day journey (we might be really, really slow) with good friends and a great campground at the end of our first week. After that we’ll mosey south along the coast and look for a ferry to take us back across the Chesapeake bay so we don’t have to back track up to northern MD and PA again. From there we hope to ride towards Washington D.C. to stay with relatives and then make our way to the northern section of Shenandoah National Park and ride the Skyline Drive south. Eventually we’ll pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway and make our way further south while trying to decide where to head after that based on weather, money and whether or not were having a good time. This decision was made mostly because Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway are considered one of the most beautiful roads in the country. Hannah is from Nebraska and has never seen this part of the Appalachian Mountains, despite my having visited it many times as well as having hiked the whole thing during my AT thru-hike in 2002. This part of the country is well worth every trip back and I look forward to seeing it from the bike this time.


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