Mounting my New Front Rack…or How I Don’t Do Math

We made a trip up to Oswald Cycle Works last weekend to pick up our new front racks. After buying a few other rack options and not having them work out I decided to suck up the cost and just get the Surly Nice front rack. Manufactured by the same company that made my bike I assumed it was meant to go on my Surly LHT and would surly fit without a problem.

When I first opened up the bag with the instructions and hardware I was thinking “Geeze! there’s about 4 pounds of metal here and that doesn’t even include the rack!” In the end most of it was not needed since my bike does have mid fork brazons and it wasn’t necessary to create an anchor on the fork (from all the parts they included) to attach the rack to. However, when I first started to read the instructions I saw this next to number 5:  “Calculate the number of spacers needed for attaching the offset sliding plates to the rack. Use this formula. (154mm – 110mm (1 x 1 fork eyelet spacing measurement)) / 2 -15 + 7mm.” At that point I crumpled the directions and started wrenching things together without the instructions. I don’t do math and I certainly don’t like it when it infringes on activities or hobbies that I consider to be fun and free feeling. Luckily I’m fairly mechanically inclined and had the experience of putting the rear rack on my bike last year. About two hours later I had the rack installed and ready for use!8492919068_998530927f_c8491818029_1a2ce006c9_c


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